Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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 Aspen - The Dignified Traveler

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♕ Aspen ♕
"no nickname yet"

Nothing holds you back more than your insecurities

♕ A Rare Find ♕
Build - The elegant female carries her rather slender cranium on a long neck, connecting to nice, sloping shoulders. Her spine moves freely, allowing total maneuverability. She carries the strength of an admiral in her compact body, yet the level headedness and quick thinking of a spy.
Pelt - A diluted cream sweeps over the fae's body, followed by a deep auburn. Her legs grow darker, and there is an almost alternating striped pattern between cream and brown on her body.
Eyes - The breath taking orbs can be spotted from miles away. A stunning jade green reflects off of the shallow walls of her orbs, followed by a sea foam tinge.
Crush/mate - None at the moment
Offspring - Would be nice
♕ ♕ ♕
Aspen - The Dignified Traveler Sglmkm
Aspen - The Dignified Traveler N6umtw

♕ A Canine of Character ♕
Heart of Gold
Aspen wants nothing but to please others. The gentle female tries to see nothing but the good in others, and doesn't complain about what she receives.
The dignified fae is there until the end. Make a friend with Aspen and you have a friend for life.
Aspen loves her family, and pack-mates. She can be trusted to take care of any injured member, and is rather good at comforting others.
The female gets attached easily, and shows her love in a major way. She can seem to make anyone have a better day after some time with them.
When she was little, Aspen was picked on because of her unique pelt, and her radiant green eyes. She often tries to mask them because of this, and gets a bit embarrassed if it draws too much attention.
No matter how much you think you know Aspen, she will always throw you off your feet.
Though this may be good for the spy role, being sneaky can get Aspen into a world of hurt, but it can also serve for the better.
Aspen way betrayed a handful of times as she grew up. It will take awhile for her to get to fully trust any other wolf because of the way she was treated.
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Aspen - The Dignified Traveler
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