Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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 Elisabethene Champagne // Alpha of Aspen

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Elisabethene Champagne

Elisabethene Champagne

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PostSubject: Elisabethene Champagne // Alpha of Aspen   Mon Feb 29, 2016 7:22 pm

●        ●        ●        ●        ●        ●

                       full name elisabethene juliette-genevieve champagne
                       aliases elisabethene, ellie to friends, alpha aspen, little wolf to lovers
                       age and gender four years and two months old, female
                       scent french lavender and strawberries

                       pack aspen
                       ranking alpha female
                       loyalty aspen

                       first impression exquisite
                       positive traits devoted, intelligent, independent, enticing
                       negative traits intolerant, curious, outspoken, manipulative when needed

                       mother sybil anastasia-genevieve rosefleur-champagne, not in role play
                       father wesley easton champagne, not in role play
                       sisters greylise-aryiah giselle champagne, not in role play
                       brothers aleksandr apollonaire-jameson champagne, not in role play

                       romantic interest to be added [message me]
                       marriage to be added
                       offspring to be added

                       body type elegantly petite and slender
                       coat colour purely white
                       eye colour dark brown
                       markings no scars or markings
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Elisabethene Champagne // Alpha of Aspen
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