Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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"I'm bigger than my body,
I'm colder than this home,
I'm meaner than my demons,
I'm bigger than these bones."


What pack you are in:
"I follow no command but my own."

"What, do I LOOK like some child to you?"
Five years old.

"Here's a thought: use your damn nose."

"Not a mutt, I'll tell you that much."
Gray Wolf

"I don't believe I asked for YOUR life story."
Renegade was born in a land different from this one. In that land, there had been a small pack full of powerful fighters, and then another rival pack, which was larger in number, but weaker in skill. She had been born to the Alpha pair of the smaller pack in a litter of three; two females and one male. When she was only two months old, the enemy pack had attacked, invaded the camp, and stole her and her siblings away, in hopes that their stronger genes would provide the pack with better fighters.

In this pack, she and her siblings were subjected to terrible treatment. They were sealed away in a den, guarded by the strongest wolves in the pack, and conditioned to become loyal members. They were starved of food and rarely given water for very long periods of time, and every time they cried out for their parents (or even cried at all), they were drowned in sharp bites and body slams. They were forced to forget their family and pledge to be loyal members of the new pack; it was the only way they wouldn't get beaten and starved.

In their original plan, the male was supposed to be trained into a top notch fighter, and the two females were to be use for producing stronger wolves, but Renegade's brother was not strong enough to make it through the conditioning. He fell ill very quickly, and one day after getting beaten, he fell down and didn't get back up. It was decided that Renegade would become the fighter.

Once she was old enough, her discipline stopped. Now, they would beat her, but she was encouraged to learn and fight back. Since she was so much smaller, younger, and afraid, it was very unfair at first, but she would progressively observe the wolves fighting tactics and learn how to turn the tables on them. She built up her skill and muscle, as well as the pack's respect for her, but they made sure she never forgot who was truly in charge.

Needless to say, despite going through this before she truly developed as a wolf, Renegade had been against it the most. She always got disciplined the most because she would always talk back and refuse to do as told. It wasn't until later in, when the wolves became more cruel, that she started to fear them and reluctantly went along with what they said. This fear had taken over her actions and forced her to be obedient, but once she started training to be a fighter and began to earn respect as a pack mate, her defiant tendencies came back. She was learning how to fight back, and was growing to hate the pack more and more. She only stayed in line for the sake of her sister, and because she knew it would be suicide to take all wolves on at once. And indeed, she played the part of the follower relatively well, until she and her sister came of age.

Breeding season was rolling around, and the sisters were due to come into heat. As a fighter, the pack did not want Renegade to become pregnant, but her sister was a different story. They only kept the weak, sheepish wolf around to make more pack members. Renegade knew it was coming, and felt her fur crawling with anger and suspicion; whispers were flying around the camp, and the season continued on. It was going to happen, and she knew she couldn't stand by to watch it. When that day finally came and a wolf stepped forward to mate with her sister, she tried very hard not to do anything. The time wasn't right; fighting now would turn the whole pack on the both of them. They'd never make it. But when she watched it start to happen, her anger boiled over, and she lashed out at the male trying to breed with her sister. With her actions so unpredictable, the male never saw it coming, and within seconds, Renegade had pinned him to the ground and bit into his throat, killing him instantly. The pack heard the commotion and was stunned at her strength; as was she. Once they got over the shock, however, someone shouted "traitor!" and the whole pack emerged, snarling and snapping. Renegade grabbed her sister's scruff and yanked her along, starting to run.  

The two were able to make it pretty far, but the pack was catching up quickly. Renegade's sister began to panic and started tripping over things, causing her to slow and fall behind. One final trip and she was on the ground with a yelp. Renegade skidded to a stop and turned around to help her sister up, but the pack had already caught up to them. They were soon surronded in a flurry of fur and fangs, attackers coming at them from all sides. Renegade stood protectively over her sister and fought them off to the best of her ability, but there were simply too many. They were all vicious, and what was worse, they all knew where her scars were, and took great joy in tearing them open. She was losing blood quickly and not likely to last long.

Then, suddenly, she felt herself getting lifted up into the air and tossed over the wall of wolves, landing with a thud on the other side. Her sister had stood up and thrown her to safety. Too far into blood lust to change course, the wolves turned on her instead. With loud screeches and yelps, the weaker wolf was mauled in an instant, right before Remegade's wide eyes. Something inside of her snapped again- her heart perhaps?- and the weight of everything crashed down onto her. All those months of torment, her struggle to stay alive, how many times she had put her life on the line, and the fact that the wolves were mere seconds away from turning on her all came together and hit her square in the face, making her feel fear like she never had before. Her mind when blank, and her instincts took over- she turned and ran.

Fleeing for her life, the injured she wolf ran as fast as she could, out of the territory and into no man's land. Wherever it was that the pack stopped following her, she'd never knew; she just kept running and running until she could run no more, and collapsed. When she woke up hours later, she found her wounds to be treated and a pack of much friendlier wolves surrounding her, but being placed in such a setting caused her to panic and flee their camp without a word. Her mind had made itself up; she would never be ruled by a pack again. Now, three years later, she's still loyal to only herself, but such a life can get lonely after a while... Perhaps this will be the year she joins a pack?

"I don't waste my time with such petty things."
No one

"Never had one, never will. This heart doesn't feel love anymore."
No one


Eye color:
"What are you, blind?"
Pale Yellow

Pelt color:
"Kch. Must be."
Primarily black with faint traces of grey here and there

Scars, marks, wounds:
There are a few scars on her neck and back that are covered by fur. There is one
running over her left eye and another across her muzzle where the fur never grew back.


+ Determination
+ Resilliance
+ Agile frame
+ High pain tolerance

- Mistrusting
- Aggressive
- Small; overpowered easily
- Unpredictable

+ Being alone
+ Freedom
+ Nighttime
+ Sparring
+ Hunting
+ Summer
+ Proving others wrong
+ Challenges

- Being told what to do
- Bring controlled
- Not getting her way
- Winter (snow)
- Being told she's weak
- Idiots/Annoying wolves

Growing up without a proper family, love was torn from her life at a very young age. She was forced to grow up quickly and to take on the role of a strong and bitter wolf; it was the only way she could survive. She immediately stopped trusting the wolves around her, and this behavior still accompanies her today. She doesn't trust a soul, not even herself at times. She was taught to be aggressive, ruthless, cold, and void of emotion. Now, of course, one thing she hadn't been taught was defiance and stubbornness, but these traits seemed to be embedded into her mind since birth, causing her to be a very conflicted wolf. All in all, the pieces come together to form a fiercely stubborn, independent wolf that isn't afraid to snap at others and get her paws dirty. She listens to no one but herself, and would rather die than follow the commands of an Alpha. Renegade is quite rude and brash, saying what she wants without fear, and often being stuck in her ways. Though she does come off as cold and uncaring, she is most definitely passionate about her pride and proving herself to others, so if you want a more fiery reaction, it doesn't take much to prod her nerves and get her flared up. She can be sharp, witty and sarcastic when she wants to be, and does, believe it or not, have a sense of humor, though it is a cruel one. Embedded deep in the she-wolf's mind, there is a fear of being treated harshly again, and having things taken away from her. As such, she can start to panic when she thinks this is about to happen, which makes her violent and unpredictable. Though she does her best to shut love out of her life, should it ever come back in again, she will be fiercely protective, loyal, and Jelous for this wolf, putting her all into not losing anyone ever again.


After witnessing her sister's brutal death, her numbness to the concept has evaporated, causing a strong sense of moral to arise. If ever given the choice of taking another wolf's life or not, she probably won't be able to do it, since it will bring back horrible memories.

If you want me to take out the cursing, please do let me know

"And all the kids cried out,
'Please stop, you're scaring me'
I can't help this awful energy
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me
Who is in control?"

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