Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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 Canis the loner

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History: He was born far away in a fresh new pack called Pine river pack, but left after they were slaughtered by others of their kind after seeing the possible threat they created. He was trained by his father and mother to become the next alpha of the pack, seeing as they are dead now, he withdraw himself becoming cold. Being the only survivor thanks to his wits, he moved on. He been on the lone path ever since never looking back.

Age: 3
Gender: Male
Breed: Grey Wolf
Pack: None yet
Rank: none yet
Crush: None
Mate: None


Eye color: A rich golden color with speckles of amber
Pelt color: Silver tip fur, white underneath. Ears black, and stripe of black on his muzzle.
Built: Lean tight muscles meant for fast movement. Fluffy and wild fur.
Scars: Has a thin scar on his hip, a reminder of his near escape from death.


Strengths: Speed, and cunning mind.
Weakness:  Always thinking of others before him.
Personality: Canis is a laid back wolf. He tends to be very lazy and enjoys his naps. When he needs to get a job done he will push through it till the end. Canis mostly likes to keep to himself, being so use to the loner life never been around other wolves in 1 year and a couple months. Which does not help with his silent and mysterious ways . He a charming individual and sarcastic. He is very intelligent and clever like his mother taught him, being the next in line to take over the pack. Even though he hates to admit it, Canis cares for others deeply and that tends to get in the way of his thought process, putting them first before himself.
Secrets: Some secrets are better left unsaid.
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Canis the loner
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