Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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 Delightfully Choatic; Beautiful Mess - Beta Emily

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"She's delightfully choatic, a beautiful mess; loving her would be a splendid adventure..." -Steve Maraboli


Delightfully Choatic; Beautiful Mess - Beta Emily Wolf_p10

Age: 2

Gender: Female

Rank: Beta Female

Aliases: Little Bird (by Duke), Beta (by lower ranks and most other wolves, unless given permission), Emily (by peers), Em (by friends)

Allegiance: Oak Pack & Alpha Duke

Coat Color: Tanish-gold with tints of black and red

Eye color: Stormy grey-blue

Scars, marks, etc.: N/A

Mate: N/A

Crush: N/A

Secrets: Abused in her past

* * * * *


Likes: Water, respect, honesty, kindness

Dislikes: Being controlled (however it's very hard for her to avoid this), dominating males, being manipulated, being abused

Strengths: Hardened by her past, very closed off, delicate and submissive (which sometimes saves her a lot of trouble)

Weaknesses: Timid, quiet, submissive (which can also get her into a lot of trouble as well)

Personality: Emily is a very closed-off wolf. Having been abused in her younger years, she swore that she would never allow somebody to hurt her ever again, and this involves not letting anybody in. Hardly anybody knows about her past, and she would be very unlikely to tell anybody about it either. A lot of people mistake her for being shy, or cold, but it's just that she's lost the capability to show real emotion anymore. It just seems that she wouldn't want to find real friends, and the possibility of finding a lover is low.

It's not impossible for her to open up, she's just seen as sometimes naive because of her past, which she hates. She's overall very strong, but she masks it by her quiet nature. Slowly, she's turning colder and more fierce. In a way, she's a caged monster waiting to escape from her past which chases her and makes her merciless. Her past is what drives her to be the way she is, and she doesn't really care about the future, so long as it doesn't repeat what she's been through. Her desired pack is Acerbitas, because they don't care about anything except surviving. Like her, there is no time for making friends and seeing how far you can go. As long as you can survive, well, that's all that matters in her mind.

History: Her paws were a blur in the night, trying to escape the horror of what came behind her. The fire had completely ravaged her band, leaving everyone to die except her, the Alphess, fleeing for her life. Her mate, dead. Her pups, dead. Her friends, dead. Everyone… dead. Little did the female wolf, Evergreen, know that she was about to run into even more trouble.

Kidnapped by a neighboring band, Evergreen was taken to the Alpha himself, a brute named River who towered over her as she trembled at his feet. He gave her the rank of Omega, because of how weak she appeared, then proceeded to violate her. Once he finished, he left, commanding that she be watched all day, everyday, until the pups were born. When they finally were, he was both furious and pleased at the same time.

Two males and a female. The males, both black, were of good size, sure to take on the father’s massive figure once they had reached adulthood. But the female… she was pitiful, in River’s eyes. The runt; small, pathetic, always shivering in the cold. Her pelt was beautiful, a swirling mix of browns, blacks, and tans, which was the only reason why he allowed her to live. River wanted to see how many males would try to take her, for he knew the brutes of the band would take severe interest in her.

As she grew, she became River’s personal apprentice, while the two males went to the Beta and one of the Delta. She was clumsy at first, in which River took the chance to beat her into submission and make her start again, even weaker than before with fresh wounds from his own claws and teeth. All the while, she never knew he was her father. Her mother remained alive, carrying the Beta’s pups now, which she also was unaware of. This left her confused. The daughter of a Omega, and she was the Alpha’s only apprentice? Many told her she was the first apprentice of his in many years. He never brought his skills to the table to teach others.

By the time she hit a year old, she was stronger than ever before, hardened by her teacher and father’s harsh ways. But now he had different plans for her. During training one day, he alerted her of her heritage. She was puzzled, and almost didn’t believe him, but everything fell into place. The training, the strange ‘affection’ that River showed her—or, at least as much affection as he was capable of. But as she was lost in her own thoughts, he charged into her side. She screamed, as his teeth closed over her scruff, holding her tightly. He snarled, then adjusted her position, and mounted her.

When he was finished with her, he vanished from the clearing where they trained. Once he returned, he found her still lying in the terrified, broken heap he had left her. He dropped a dead rabbit he had caught for her by her small body, then sat down before her. “You’re too young to carry my pups, but what a pleasure it was to take you, my dear Emily. I promised that the Beta’s son could be your mate to my second hand himself. Enjoy it, my daughter, you’ll the Betess soon enough!”

So for months, that was her life. Being exchanged back and forth between multiple males, using her strictly for pleasure rather than lineage, because of her inability to carry pups at her age. But one night, she decided to make her escape. Barely avoiding the patrols along the territory borders, and she could hear the angry howl of her father from a distance as she ran away from her old life. She felt the wind stinging her fresh wounds on her scruff from the Addi’s son, Jace, violating her just minutes before. But never once did she stop. Now she finds herself inside strange lands. She’s found the packs that reside there, but she finds the one with the only male the most intriguing. The less males to hurt her, the better right…?

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Delightfully Choatic; Beautiful Mess - Beta Emily
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