Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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 Red is the new black. (Introduction)

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Red is the new black. (Introduction) Empty
PostSubject: Red is the new black. (Introduction)   Red is the new black. (Introduction) EmptySun Apr 03, 2016 12:45 pm

This area was his least favorite. It will turn red soon, once the snow melts. Now it was white from the recent snow storm, covering the awful memories. He suppose it was a good thing. The male could never enter this land without his heart beat racing like crazy. He hated it. Nothing but crimson in the spring, reminding him of his past misfortune.

There was only one reason he was here. It was that time of the week he patrol the area. Even though he had no pack to back him up, Duke still guard the territory viciously. It was the only thing he could past the time. A way to forget his pains. All he wanted to do was run away from the ghost but he could not, not the type to cower away. His torn ear started to sting once more. Frowning, Duke lifted his head over his shoulder watching as the dreaded shadows follow in his wake. He snarls in anger." Leave. Me. Alone." He barked out, echoing through the trees. The shadows laughed at him, before retreating for now giving his sanity a break.

Duke breathed out in relief, shaking his brown mane. He was getting so close in breaking down. Something had to be done, fast. The multicolored wolf picked up his pace, keeping his back to the shadows of his fear. His soulless eyes flickers back and forth, keeping an eye along the trees for possible prey to ease his stomach. The only good thing about the near future was that the food source was rising again. It was the perfect time to search for pack members. Duke had a lot of work head of him. Turning his large head towards the neutral lands along his border, Duke trotted in that direction. His keen eyes looking out for any signs of living creatures besides the shadows.

Moving to tilkum lake.
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Red is the new black. (Introduction)
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