Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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 Duke- the insane alpha

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Duke- the insane alpha 2ignl3b


Oak pack


4 years old


Timber wolf

Duke year ago was the beta of Oak pack. It was small but very successful pack. He was raised and cherished in that pack. His best friend was the alpha, Ben. He took the rank beta, pleased with it. Duke didn't have to much responsibility, just how he liked it. Everything was just fine for the small pack, until disaster hit. The food source was dwindling in a rapid pace. Hungry and nearly starved wolves soon fell victims to the Illness. Rabies. One of the first victims was the alpha. Duke was devastated, having no idea what to do. Until Ben gave Duke one last order, to ending his suffering. The problem was Ben had no heirs to fill his rule, so fate had it that Duke step up to the plate. He did his best to keep the pack going. He the only one and a few others to not catch the illness. Duke went out of his way to hunt, even if it was by himself. Most of the time it was, to feed his pack. It was difficult doing so with other predators out there. His torn ear was proof, having a run in with a cougar. One by one the pack was dying. He watched with dead eyes, many of them he killed with his own fangs. Some said he killed himself along with them. Now he stood alone in the territory, hoping to find peace.




Eye color
Golden with speckles of amber along the pupil

Pelt color
His coat is a mixture of different shade of brown with underbelly a dark shade of tan. Wisp of black in the mixture of his dark colors.

Scars, marks, wounds
He has a torn left ear.


He hold the strength as any alpha should. His battle skills are on prier with any carnivore. His weakness lies within his heart. He at this point is a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

Hunting, eating, wrestle, forest.

Open land, illness, idiots, humans.

His past has shaped him into the wolf he is today. The once cheerful beta is now cold and isolated. He seen a lot of messed up things in his lifetime, more then he should. He is now skittish, bipolar and almost insane. He is haunted by dreams of the dead pack, most of them ones he killed himself. It didn't stop there, he swear he could see their ghost wondering the forest, blaming him for their misfortune. The only thing keeping him sane is the hope of rebuilding the pack that was lost so easily. Underneath all that, his old self is still there, peaking out in random moments. He old self was happy, carefree and childish. He was loving and caring. He hopes, with the pack rebuilding, duke will be himself once again, finding peace.

He killed his pack mates on their requests.
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Duke- the insane alpha
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