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None yet

3 years, 8 months

100% Feminine

-Sexual Orientation-

Australian Shepherd


Scarlett tends to be quite smaller than the average dogs of her breed. Although small, she carries the athletic view of a healthy dog, being the thin musculature enough to sustain the tiny body. The thick pelt lavishes the glamour that she spreads with a long fluffy tail.

-Fur Color-
Mainly white, it shows the redish brown markings here and there, specially in her head, back and tail.

-Fur Texture-
The texture of this fae's coat is silky, soft to the touch and fluffy enough to keep her warm during winter while it's rather thin and shorter during summer time.

The leftover of a fight is what can be seen in her belly and part of her back, although it's mostly covered by fur. It's the reminder of her worst mistake: to love.

Her irises are pigmented by a light gray, fading between blue and white.


Scarlett is a kind-hearted female. Others may see her as shy due to her silence, or even because she ralely starts a conversation herself. However, she's the quite opposite of being shy. Scarlett is extremely confident in everything she does. Even when she does not feel confident, she will act like so.
Even being quiet, she appreciates every conversation someone starts with her, since it's about relevant subjects. She won´t take any nonsense behavior, and if needed she will put those back into their places.
Besides being kind-hearted, she is very sassy, being always with the reason, even if she's not with the reason (what is very rare to happen).
Provocative is her surname. And yeah, you can take it to both sides. Scarlett is not the one for you to step into. She makes sure to take her place wherever she is. No matter the size, the weight, neither how dangerous is the situation. Once she makes her mind, she'll take any risk.
Having the control is what she likes most. Sometimes she might act as if she had never heard of social boundaries of each individual, what means that she can take the lead of a conversation, only to make another feel uncomfortable around her. But on the other hand, Scarlett is extremely respectful to those who deserved her respect and will obey rules, maybe sometimes complaining, but she will.

She tends to exaggerate in the way she speaks and behaves, mostly because, in her mind, its a way to protect her feelings. Being provocative will lead her to trouble, but she actually doesn´t care. Scarlett will fight for what she believes and will tell you her opinion straight away, it doesn´t matter if you want to hear it or not. Besides that, if something go really wrong, she has two pairs of legs and four strong canines to defend herself.
She can completely ignore you, but she definety hates when others ignore her.

Her most noticeable talent is her charming self. It is present in the way she walks, the way she puts her tongue out and in her voice. A beautiful feminine voice that make her a great howler and singer. She can't do much besides attracting males to play her seduction games (even never getting to hang out with any of them) and hunting small things such birds and rodents.


Scarlett was born in a litter of three pups, in a poor farm away from the urban life. She had a good life there, till the farmer died. His wife, not able to maintein the whole farm by her own, sold it, alongside the three pups. Scarlett never met her father, and in that day she lost her mother.
Living with a better family in the town wasn't good for her. She couldn't do nothing. The sofa was forbidden, good food was forbidden, talking to street dogs was forbidden, ALL had rules. Sitting in the entrance of her dog house, she could only think of how the stray dogs were free. They could go anywhere, eat anything they find in their way, meet new dogs all the time. She envied them. And so, one day, she decided she would be one of them.
Still young, she met the king of the streets: Bash. He was a huge German Shepherd, kind in every way she could imagine, handsome and extrovert. They talked for many days in secret, during night, when she ran to the fence. She tried to convince him to help her go out. He disagreed, but she insisted so much that he decided to help her climb out and teach her about the stray's world.
Scarlett was very shy, always keeping her thoughts to herself, and agreeing with everything, even if, inside, she disagreed completely. With time she conquered a place within the strays. Not a place of respect, tough, as they only admired her for her beautiful voice. Some of the stray dogs were quiet abusive with their words, downgrading her and always putting her to do the worst, risky jobs, in the name of "the pack".
The reason for her to deal with all that with her mouth shut was Bash. She fell in love for him in the first day she saw him in the other side of the fence. And, for her happiness, he happened to fell in love for her too. Well, at least, she thought it was like that.
He asked her out, took her to watch the sundown in a beach with him. He promised to be by her side for a lifetime, to rescue her from danger, to be superdog, batdog, spiderdog, all in one, just for her. However, after some time together, she discovered that the happy, fun, risk-lover dog she crushed into was actually a bossy, possessive canine. Once again she found herself around rules. And the first time she disobeyed, she won her first scar: right down her chin. Scared and totally submissive, she couldn't see a way to get out of that nightmare. Three months passed before she could awake and take charge of her life. Both them fought, leaving behind the ivory scars on her belly and back and multiple scratches in the brute's face, mainly muzzle and right eye. He didn't want her to go, but she had already decided. And once she does so, she never get back.
By her own, she turned herself in who she is now: unafraid, daring and provocative. Submission is something she will hate forever.

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