Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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- Paige -         Sbhi5x

2½ years
Border Collie

Cognitive Benefits & Defects
Sense of humor ||Analytical || Comical
Confusing || Sheepish || Impatient

Corporeal Benefits & Defects
Agile || Potent bite || Keen Balance
Crooked-tailed ||Lesser eyesight || High Energy

Semblance and Mannerisms
Stockier in comparison to the limited collie, Paige's lesser stature proportions are rectified by significant volume imposed from dense, compact musculature that is evident of the evolutionary pressures of her near death experiences, that is further characterized by long, agile limbs that improve her primitive agility and acceleration. Her coloration is a diluted white and grey, followed by the bulky obsidian blotches that coat her frame. Her orbs are a hazel that mesh into a brilliant sapphire.

  Introverted qualities make Paige susceptible to general preferences of solitude than  more  gregarious Canines; Although, she sometimes seeks the company of others, and enjoys another canine near her most of the time.

Analogical Relations
Unkown siblings
No possible crush
No bonded half
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- Paige -
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