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 Meet Red The Big Red Dog

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aka Cheese or Big Red

Meet Red The Big Red Dog 739ba0ffa49f69c1fcb316bf3edef81a

Age: 3/ 5 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Tibetan Mastiff
Crush: The lovely Opal
Mate: Opal <3
History: Red was raised high in the Tibet mountains, trained to protect the village livestock. He did just that till at the age of 2, the large dog was taken and sold off to dog fights in america. Red with some other dogs broke free from the human chains. Now free the male roam around avoiding humans with distaste growing to hate them.


Eye color: Deep gold
Pelt: Dark red, extremely fluffy coat. Thick throughout the season.
Built: Rippled with muscle, large structure that of a guard dog.


Strength: Strong with a fierce bite.
Weakness: Slow, acts before he thinks.
Personality: Red is a gentle giant to those he cares for. He is very sarcastic and playful. The mountain of a dog is very protective and will get aggressive if somethings in his way. He has a quick temper. When he's use to others company, he tends to be laid back and very lazy. All his fur causes him to get tired quite easy. He has a weakness for pups. The red dog has a noble heart willing to help anyone in need as long they don't anger him.
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Meet Red The Big Red Dog
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