Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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Neonatal Period - Newborns have their eyes closed, and can barely crawl. They do most of their growing in these few weeks as they develop.
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Transitional Period - Eyes open, and are blue at about 11-15 days, but their eyesight isn't fully developed. Milk incisors come in at about 15 days, and they can begin to chew regurgitated meat. They begin to vocalize with growls as well as small barks. They can begin to attempt to stand, and start learning how to howl.
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Socialization Period - Pups now can walk and do some running. They hang around the entrance of the den and play with their siblings. Their ears begin to raise, and hearing improves significantly.
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Juvenile Period - The adults abandon the den and move the pups to a rendezvous site. Pups have been introduced to the rest of the pack by now, and they can eat food on their own. Eyes begin to change colors.
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Rapid Period of Growth - Pups are now 14-24 weeks old. Their bodies are changing majorly, and are gaining weight. The pups begin to join in on hunts, milk teeth are replaced, and they can weigh from 40-70 lbs.
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Period of Slow Growth - Pups now begin to hunt actively, and join the pack on many outings. They gain about .4 lbs per week.
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Sexual Maturity/prime adult years - Pups are developing more skeletal designs, they begin displaying more dominant or submissive behaviors in taking a role in the pack, hormonal changes allow to switch to sexual maturity, and they may disperse from the pack. They are 2-3 years old by now, and are considered in their "prime"
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Older adulthood (6-8yrs)
- Wolves by now have started a pack and gotten a mate, as well as raised their own pups up. They begin to grow grey hairs, and speed deteriorates.
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Elder - Wolf is 9-10 years old. Most of their hair has been replaced by a dull, grey coat. They have obvious signs of aging, and stamina, strength, speed, eyesight, and hearing are decreasing majorly.
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