Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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| |  A N D R O M E D A   |  |

|| Andromeda || Tumblr_o35rqhT49X1s2g2bxo1_540

|Name|: Andromeda
|Nick|: Annie, Andy, Meda
|Age|: 3 years, 2 months
|Species|: Tundra Wolf
|Gender|: Female
|Sexual Orientation|: Straight

|Current Rank|: Loner
|Pack|: N/A


Not too tall, Andromeda has a strong, slender body, allowing her to hold the strength of a warrior, but also the speed of a hunter. She has a tranversal scar on her chest, that goes from the first right rib till the last left rib and another minor scars spread on her body.

Pelt Color
Her thick fur is from a creamish/grayish white, with redish markings in head, back and tail.

Eye Color
Annie’s noticeable light green orbs contrast with the red pelt in a beautiful way, so that at a glance, the first thing noticed are her eyes.

|Theme Song|


Naturally  independent, she doesn't like to be in the shadows of others, so she tries her best to take care of herself. As for her trust, she may make you think you have it, but deep down she forgot how to trust someone.

She may not care too much with other’s feelings and try not to let herself attach with strangers. Once she did care way too much for who didn’t deserve it, that’s what made her turn into this.

Sometimes she says and do things without thinking about the consequences. She often regrets of them, or not.

Andromeda is loyal to her cause. She knows very well what is bad and what is good for her and for what she believes. She will do anything to protect this. She used to have a bad fame, but a few know the real story behind that.

She might be kinda outgoing, but she doesn't like to talk about her past. She will keep it to herself, unless she thinks you really deserve to know.


She is skillful, somewhat strong, but not the strongest, agile and fast. She’s very good at diverting from attacks and has her awkward moves when hunting, but she often is successful.


Fire (she is terrified of it), although feelings are her greater weakness.


Andromeda was born in a pack named Solaire Tails. Her parents were the betas of the pack, both of them being the alpha’s best friends. About four months after she was born, the pack found a little pup. It was a five-months-old male, named Aaron. The alpha, being kind, decided to adopt the pup as his own.
With time, Aaron and Andromeda grew closer, though they were always fighting. He was always trying to annoy the she-wolf by lying, biting and such silly things. They were very happy, till a disease hit the pack. They didn’t know why that happened, neither why just a few wolves were disturbed by it, but within two months, half of the pack was dead. Including Annie’s mother.
After her death, despite Andromeda’s effort to make her father happy, he died of grief, abandoning her with only the alpha and his adopted son as her substitute family.
Andromeda, now spending more time with Aaron, started to like him as something more than a friend. They hang out together, walked through the beach and promised to be at each other’s side no matter what.
The happiness didn’t last long, as everything on her life. Someday, at night, Andromeda couldn’t sleep. She had nightmares the whole night. Nightmares about her running from the wolves, as they shouted they would kill her. She got up and headed to the alpha’s and Aaron’s den, but none of them were there. At this time, murmurs of pain reached her auds. The she-wolf, worried, ran to the inside of the woods, where she found the alpha lying in the ground, with blood spread all over his body. “No…” she whispered, ‘cause no voice came out. He was like a father to her. And now he was dead. Raising her head, she looked around for any sign of threat, and she saw a shadow. “She killed the alpha!” someone shouted. A voice that she knew pretty well. Confused, she stared the trees, where the pack slowly came from. And Aaron was with them. “No, I didn’t! Someone else did it!” she yelled, scared of what would happen. “How can we believe you if you were the only one found near him?” Aaron inquired. Incredulous, and feeling betrayed, she rose her voice. “You did it! And now you’re trying to throw the fault over me!” she replied. But the pack didn’t listened to her, neither did Aaron. Growling and baring their teeth, they approached her.
The she-wolf stepped back, but the wolves kept coming closer. So she started to run. Barely seeing where she was heading to due to the amount of tears covering her sight, she would stop at the edge of a cliff. The wolves surrounded her, letting no way out, but the cliff and their ivories. Some of them yelling they would kill her, that she was a traitor and deserved no mercy. But she knew the truth. Stepping backwards with her head lowered and growling in warning, she felt when the path was over. The only choices were to fight with fourteen wolves or jump and die with some kind of dignity.
Andromeda turned her head to look down. The ocean waves hitting the rocky walls aggressively. Switching her gaze to the pack in front of her, she watched as Aaron made his way from the middle of the canids. She bared her teeth, anger taking care of her. Acting impulsively, she jumped on him, grabbing his neck. The pack would come to help the new alpha, but he ordered them to stay put. It was his fight. He jumped on the she-wolf, using his canines to attack the she-wolf. In an attempt to divert from him, she exposed her chest, where his ivories attached, leaving a deep scratch. She pulled him away, puffy. Passing her eyes through the pack members, she raised her voice “I did not kill the alpha” she said, calmly, then stopped her sight upon Aaron. “You’re a liar and a traitor. Someday they will discover” she stated, narrowing her eyes. Turning her back to them, Andromeda dashed, heading to the edge, right into the ocean.
It was a slow-motion fall. After hitting the water, she collapsed, to only wake up in a beach somewhere she didn’t know. Months passed before she could find the tracks of another pack. Determined to move on, Andromeda decided to give her inside wolf a new chance.


Trahern (father) and Mary (mother)





|Friends and Foes|:


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|| Andromeda ||
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