Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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*sigh* also known as lyly (Canine)

Age: 3 years old
Gender: Male
Appearance: The male carries his frame on rather long, strong limbs. His fores contain dark grey and black wisps of hair in a pattern that blankets the rest of his body. His muzzle holds sun-bleached grey hairs, and his orbs a deep steel grey.
Personality: Aside from the witty character he is, Lykaios has the fierce personality for a leader. The prince imagines himself as quite the card, and charms a variety of wolves with his amount of charisma and energy.
History: Lykaios doesn't remember much of his history, and doesn't know about the fact that he is Golden Cascade's lost brother. When Kalack raided the pack, he captured young Lykaios and raised him up. Lykaios, now ruling riptide pack and Cass, ruling over her own Scourge pack - both sworn enemy packs. Could this possibly change their lives entirely, or create more tension?

Pack Details
Rank: Alpha
Pack: Riptide pack
Mate: None yet
Crush: None yet
Pups: Non existant at the moment.
Eyes: Arno-Alpha of Riptide Pack Tumblr_mg7sdmNY2r1rbr7xoo1_500
Body: just look at profile picture.
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Arno-Alpha of Riptide Pack
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