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 Golden Cascade-Alpha of Scourge Pack

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Golden Cascade
Golden Cascade

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Golden Cascade
Aka Cass

What pack: Scourge Pack

Rank: Alpha

Age: 3 years old

Gender: Female

Breed: Timber Wolf

History: Cass was born out of a quite complicated family (as explained in plot) and was raised by one of the omegas in the pack, later to be the next alpha in line when she was old enough.

Crush: none

Mate: none

Appearance: Cass has a perfectly white belly, legs, muzzle, and underside of her tail. Her back is covered in a unique, gold color that fades to a light brown.

Eye color: Her eyes are a sleek, icy blue that almost look white. She has a rather menacing stare, and there are small white wisps around her pupils.

Scars, marks, wounds: She has a scar on her nose, that is a pink line down the center of her black nose.

Personality: Cass has the type of personality that is great for being an alpha. She seems to have the leader touch, and is brave. However, she can be rather stubborn in some situations to see the worst outcomes. She has a heart of gold and a great temperament.

Strengths: Outgoing, Sarcastic, Brave, Quick, Agile, Strong
Weaknesses: Cass can be quite of a confusing individual for those who don't know her that well. She strongly appreciates it when someone takes the time to get to know her, and will remember that.

Secrets: Even though Golden Cascade tries to be very open with her pack, there are some secrets that are best kept to herself.

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Golden Cascade-Alpha of Scourge Pack
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