Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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You stand on the edge of a mountain, wind pulling gently at your hair as you observe the territories of four packs that run the land. You are unaware of the noise of a mysterious wolf approaching, one that belongs to none of the packs. "Well hello there, are you new?" You jump, startled before nodding your head yes. "Well, allow me to show you around." The wolf says, flicking it's tail before you are both sent into the center of the Oak Pack. You seem to be invisible to the other wolves, since you are spectating. "This is the Oak pack, a large pack rebuilding after the major decrease in their food." The wolf flicks it's tail, sending you off into the mountains, just in time to see the Aspen pack take down a bull elk. The wolf grins. "Aspen pack never disappoints." He speaks. You nod, a bit light headed from the change in altitude. The wolf chuckles. "You will get used to it." And just like that, you are in Scourge pack territory. You wonder where they are, since there appears to be none here. "Wait for it." The mysterious wolf says, before a large wolf lunges at you, but goes right through you since you aren't exactly real... yet. The wolf leaps onto one of the warriors, pinning it into the ground. "Ah, I see the Admiral is training it's warriors right now." You stand in awe, looking at the beautiful, fierce wolves of Scourge pack. Suddenly, the scenery changes. "Last pack." The wolf speaks, leading you through a large dry bush. Your bare toes touch the sand, and the smell of the ocean hits you. "Riptide pack." The wolf speaks, looking towards all of the wolves having some fun, leaping off of a ledge into the ocean as they laugh and splash. "Amazing swimmers, aren't they?" The wolf says before you find yourself back where you started, standing on the ledge above everything as you observe the packs.

"You have gotten a taste of each pack. When you are ready, step forth into the territory you would like to belong to." The wolf speaks, as you suddenly are sent to the crossing of each territory. "Choose wisely." The wolf says before beginning to dissolve into the air. "We will meet again." It speaks, it's voice bold and loud before the dark silhouette vanishes, leaving you alone to step into a territory, the silence taking over the forest.

So now the question surfaces, which pack do you choose, new member?
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**For all new members**
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