Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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PostSubject: PLEASE READ   Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:58 pm

Well, just as most forumotion sites finish, this one has too. I'm saddened to say that TFE has run out of members due to inactivity and lack of posts. I would like to thank everyone who joined in the first place, and made our first few posts wonderful. I loved meeting all of you, it was awesome to hear about your day.

This partially was my fault; I should have added more requirements on activity or been around longer to help Callisto with the site. I returned, and it was abandoned. I wish I could speak with you all some more, and possibly move to another site, however it seems as if most of you are long gone. Maybe TFE wasn't meant to be. It never really did attract many... We had about 5 active members.
Well, anyways, thank you all for a wonderful experience. I hope to see you all another time. <3

We tried.
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