Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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 Kardok - The skilled medic

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Meet Kardok...
Kardok - The skilled medic 5nuhzs
about 4 years old
A proud member of the Scourge Pack ~

Build - Kardok is the average sized male wolf, and a bit on the slim side. He carries himself on long, slender legs, and broad shoulders. His spine is split for maneuverability around the treacherous terrain of the Scourge Pack.
Eyes - The prince's eyes are a deep navy, with a gold-textured flaking of seafoam green, as well as a deeper indigo that fades around the edges.
Pelt - The usual grey wolf pattern and consistency. His banner however is rather silky and holds long, well groomed hairs.
Nose - Charcoal black
Pads - Charcoal black

Kardok - The skilled medic 2lt0mj5

Some may call him disconnected from the real world, others may argue that it is just the pressure of his ranking. Kardok can be rather reserved and is an expert of slinking around, and disappearing. He would rather be independent compared to being in a group at all times, and has an extremely short temper. There are many levels of how mysterious the male is, as well as secrets that are never to be told. Kardok finds himself pulled into work, and it is usual for him not to be seen by others for days. Of course he has a loving, sweet side, but that is rarely shown ever since he began the strenuous job of being a medic.

History - Kardok had a usual wolf history, no major sob story. He was raised by both parents, as well as three other siblings. Kardok moved to scourge when he turned three, leaving his old home behind in hopes to gain more respect, and a better life.

No mate
No pups
No crush

-Kardok happens to have a fear of thunderstorms.
-He HATES any felines
-Kardok had a dark time when he would travel and do deeds for other packs. He would "treat" a member of a pack, but would actually end up poisoning them for another pack that would pay him greatly to do the deed.
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Kardok - The skilled medic
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