Semi-realistic wolf RP that has many packs and territories. Can you find your calling?
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 Ranks and their meaning

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This will help understand your position much better.

These are the top ranks in the packs. They make the decisions, and all of the wolves in their pack must respect them or else face the consequences.

These wolves are the second in command. They help the alpha with plans and are usually the next in line if something happens to the alpha.

These wolves are the third in command. They get more time with the alpha than the rest of the pack, and are sometimes allowed in meetings with the alphas and betas.

These are the wolves who are experts at healing. They are usually gone one day a week to get new herbs and are very important for the pack.

These shifty wolves are needed in every pack. They get orders from the alphas to spy on other packs. Spies usually need to have a dark pelt, and must have amazing stealth, as well as speed.

These wolves are the second strongest in the pack (alpha being first) They are the leaders in war and command the warriors. The admiral gets to fight up front with the alpha when in battle, and is responsible for training all of the warriors.

These wolves fight for their pack. They usually train all day under the admiral, and have to be willing to die for their pack.

Scouts are used for discovering new lands. They patrol the territory once in the morning, afternoon, and night. They alert the alpha and admiral if they see something at the border. Different scouts take the night shift every night.

These wolves take on teaching the younger ones. They help figure out what the new wolves would be good at, as well as train the younger wolves in all disciplines.

These are the new generations of the pack. They are trained by a mentor, and are just learning the ropes of everything.

These wolves run the nursery, and take care of pups when mothers cannot. They are fully responsible for the pups well being, and have to understand some medical knowledge as well.

Pups are the children of the pack, and are seen as a gift. Everyone's spirits are lifted when new pups are born, and when they turn 1, they become an apprentice.

The guards stand outside camp, always on the lookout for trouble. They help protect and defend, and when there is battle, they stay behind to defend the base.

The hunters and huntresses do have the most knowledge about prey, and usually help the alpha lead the rest of the pack on hunts. There are two hunting groups that are split up: Runners, and biters. The runners help steer the prey, using their gift of speed

These are the lowest members of the pack. They should not try to disagree with the alpha or else they will be put in their place. They eat last, always, and sleep in a separate den from the pack. Even though they are so low on the chain, they are an important role.

The loners aren't currently in a pack. It will be harder to join one, but you won't have to worry about the rules of the pack and obeying an alpha. They have to be careful about entering pack territory, and should be aware that they are an easy target on
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Ranks and their meaning
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